Ford Sustainability Initiative

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We all want to contribute to a greener future. Ford Motor Company has been on the front lines, acting to cut carbon emissions and help mitigate climate risk, as we all double down on efforts to develop the low-carbon economy of the future.

That’s heady stuff! At Airport Marina Ford, we want to delve into the details for readers across Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica, and Los Angeles, California. See all the sustainability initiatives Ford has been cooking up!

Ford Named to CDP’s Climate ‘A List’

The CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) is an international nonprofit organization that helps companies and cities report their impact on the environment.

Their annual Climate ‘A List’ is a who’s who of companies that have led the way toward a more sustainable future. A total of 273 companies made 2020’s climate change A List, and for the first time ever, Ford was among them.

Ford also made the A List for water security this year, an honor only 106 companies worldwide have earned. Laurels are nice, but we never rest on them! Let’s see what actions taken by Ford earned us that ‘A.’

Ford Takes the Lead in Sustainability

Ford has committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions in accordance with the guidelines laid out in the Paris Climate Accords. In practice, this has meant an unprecedented level of investment to push for a green economy:

  • Investing more than $11.5 billion in electric vehicles
  • Introducing zero-emissions versions of the brand’s most successful vehicles
  • Launching North America’s largest EV-charging network

In 2017, Ford announced that it had reduced carbon dioxide emissions from manufacturing by 30% per vehicle produced—eight years earlier than planned!

Ford isn’t even close to finished, with a plan to run all manufacturing operations on 100% renewable energy by 2035.

Discover What Drives Ford Forward

Ford Motor Company is all about putting people first, protecting our planet, and creating the green economy of tomorrow one step at a time. If you want to explore the Ford sustainability initiative in detail, check out the company website for more information.

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