Ford College Program

colllege students celebrating in their graduation gowns

Reward Your Student with the Ford College/Student Incentive Program at Airport Marina Ford in Los Angeles

Your student has been studying hard and you’re looking for a way to reward them for their efforts, how about a new Ford vehicle? At Airport Marina Ford, we’re excited to help drivers find the perfect match for their lifestyle, such as getting to and from school on a daily basis with our Study Hard, Drive Well Program. This incentive offers students in college up to a $750 bonus when they purchase or lease a new Ford vehicle. Imagine being rewarded for your hard work by buying a new Ford Mustang or Ford Escape and getting money off right away because you value your education!

Who’s Eligible?

We’re happy to offer this program to all full-time and part-time college students who are currently in school. We don’t limit it to just current students as we also provide this incentive to recent college or trade school graduates who are within three years from graduation date. We also provide it to current graduate school students. We love to recognize students who are working diligently on their chosen path and we are excited to reward them for their behaviors.


We’re happy to make this available on all eligible new Ford vehicles whether you choose to buy or lease, the amount is still the same. The only models we preclude from this program are the Ford F-150 Raptor, Shelby GT500, Mach-E, Ford Bronco Sport and Ford Bronco. Ford has many excellent vehicles to choose from, whether you want a nice car or a capable SUV or truck. We’ll help you find the right match.

How Do I Register?

You can register for this program by navigating to and filling out the information on hand. If you would like to learn more about this program, swing by our Ford dealership and ask us about how we can get your student behind the wheel of a new Ford vehicle today!