Ford Pothole Mitigation Technology

Ford's Pothole Mitigation Technology: No More Bumps in the Road

Picture it: You are driving down the road on a beautiful sunny day, feeling the warm sun shine through your Ford's windshield as the nice breeze of your open windows washes over you and then BAM, an unexpected pothole makes your entire vehicle shake. You are panicked. Who knows what damage has occurred to your shocks, tires, or alignment.

Ford's Pothole Mitigation, a part of the continuously controlled damping (CCD) system, will solve all of your pothole nightmares. The CCD system inputs data from twelve sensors every two milliseconds allowing the pothole mitigation to sense when a pothole is coming up ahead. This available feature will, after detecting a pothole, send a signal to the shocks which will stop the wheel from falling into the pothole. This system won't float you over potholes, but it will help your tire to not fall so deep within a pothole that it hits the other side hard enough to cause any damage.

A Test to Prove it Works

The Ford Company actually did a test with ping pong balls to show how much the pothole mitigation actually works. They laid five ping pong balls in a pot hole and drove one of the Ford models equipped with this feature over it. The tire was held by the shocks and didn't touch one ping pong ball. Other vehicles driven over the same pothole squashed the ping pong balls. This proves that pothole mitigation truly helps you avoid those annoying potholes.


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