Ford Engine Filter Advice & FAQs in Los Angeles, CA

What is an Engine Air Filter Anyway?

Your engine needs fresh air to "breathe;" clean air is a critical component to any internal combustion engine.   Air filters prevent dust, pollen and other particles from getting into your engine and causing damage.  You probably notice when dirt, dust, and pollen accumulates on your car; imagine what would happen if the same accumulated inside of your engine!  

Why does Engine Air Filter service for my vehicle matter?

Imagine trying to breathe through a dirty rag.  Running your engine through a dirty air filter produces a similar effect: particles and debris get into the system and compromise efficiency, leading to symptoms including reduced fuel mileage, loss of horsepower and premature engine wear. Simple and easy preventative maintenance -- with the right OEM parts -- is the solution.  Our service center in Los Angeles can take care of this for you.

When am I due for an Engine Air Filter replacement?

Airport Marina Ford recommends a filter change at least every 30,000 miles; typically two years of normal driving.  However, under severe conditions you should change your air filter more frequently.  If you notice any warning signs such as an engine running hotter than normal, unusual sounds or black smoke coming from the exhaust, our team needs to inspect your engine and filter system immediately.


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