Stay Connected and Informed With FordPass

Life is now easier for the lucky owners of a new Ford. FordPass is an app that is available for both iOS and Android. It allows you to control your vehicle remotely and access many handy features that help streamline your activities.

The most convenient feature is the ability to not only find nearby parking, but also to pay for it straight from the app. When you are in a large city to attend a function, this is an invaluable function. You can find the least expensive option and reserve it by paying right then. When you are taking a road trip, you will want to know the most affordable places to refuel and their locations. Oftentimes, gas prices can fluctuate wildly just within a few miles. If you are unfamiliar with the areas, then you may miss the best fuel prices. With FordPass, you will be assured of seeing your best options.

With FordPass, you can interact remotely with your Ford vehicle. You can unlock it, check your fuel and start your vehicle before you get in. If you want to know important information about current or past statuses of the vehicle, you can view the history or see the current statistics on your vehicle's performance. You can access your Ford account with FordPass. When it's time to set up an appointment, you can do so readily from your phone. You can see all your information and pay any bills that are due, all of which is viewable straight from your FordPass app.

If you have a Ford vehicle with SYNC Connect, you can easily access integrated features. The FordPass app pairs effortlessly with SYNC Connect and lets you interact seamlessly within the app without having to switch services. Finally, there is the fun Perks feature, which lets you complete your profile within the app and register your vehicle. You earn Perks with these actions. You can redeem your Perks through your email account, unlock badges, and download ringtones and wallpaper.

FordPass is a great app that gives you the information you need when you need it. We here at Airport Marina Ford understand how busy life can be, and we are committed to providing timely news about all the new innovations that our customers can expect from their vehicles. Driving a Ford has become even more fun!

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