FordPass and SYNC Connect Make Los Angeles Driving Easier Than Ever


The versatility and convenience of FordPass app features are further improved in new Ford vehicles in Los Angeles that are equipped with SYNC Connect through the latest version of SYNC 3.

Through the basic FordPass app, you can access helpful features like vehicle information, parking details, and easy-pay services for parking or car maintenance. You can also log in to your Ford Credit account to manage your Ford lease or loan right through the app.

If you have questions, FordPass also makes it easy to chat with a pro with just the tap of a button.


Learn More About FordPass App Features Here


But, SYNC 3 with SYNC Connect can work with your FordPass app to let you do even more in Los Angeles, and make your Ford ownership experience the best it can be.

Pairing your SYNC-Connect-enabled vehicle with your FordPass app is fast and easy, and unlocks a new way to keep tabs on your vehicle and make your hectic daily schedule flow a little better. You can use remote services to lock/unlock your doors--no matter where you are! You can also start your engine right from your smartphone.

Need your getaway car ready to go the second you leave that 5:00 meeting in downtown Los Angeles? You can actually use your FordPass app before the meeting, to schedule your car to start at the specific date and time that you say.

FordPass with SYNC Connect also lets you locate your vehicle anywhere, making it easy to find wherever you parked in the packed garages and lots of Los Angeles. Not sure if you need to grab gas on your way home? Pull up FordPass and you can see exactly how much fuel you have left.


Which Ford Cars, Trucks, and SUVs Offer SYNC Connect?

The following vehicles offer SYNC Connect capabilities as standard or available equipment on select trim levels:

  • 2018 F-150
  • 2017 F-150
  • 2018 Fusion/Fusion Hybrid
  • 2017 Fusion/Fusion Hybrid
  • 2018 Escape
  • 2017 Escape
  • 2018 Expedition
  • 2018 Explorer
  • 2018 Mustang
  • 2018 EcoSport

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