Enjoy a Safer Ride in the Ford Explorer

Looking for a ride that’s safer? Check out the Advanced Trac Link system on the Ford Explorer. This unique system works hard to keep you and your precious cargo safe even in poor weather. How? It detects slippage of your vehicle’s wheels and counteracts the issue, making your ride safer, even if the road is wet, icy or steep.

Curve Control Link is another safety feature that’s part of the Ford Explorer. This feature allows you to slow significantly when needed. For instance, say you’re taking a winding curve and didn’t realize how sharp the angle was. With Curve Control Link, you can slow down as much as 10 mph in approximately a second, allowing you to take the curve more carefully.

Ready to learn more about the safety features of the Ford Explorer, or take a test drive? Please come and visit us soon here at Airport Marina Ford. We have a wide inventory of new Ford vehicles including of course, the Ford Explorer.

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